2021 August
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August 2021

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The Unusual in the Usual

Street photography is often thought of as being whimsical, playful, or just plain funny. While you shouldn't rely solely on these "moments;' they are always memorable, so when you're patrolling the streets with your camera, turn your observation dial up to the max. ...

Ghostly Apparitions

Enter the world of the photo-supernatural and shoot some ghosts! The object of this exercise is to get to grips with shooting at a slow shutter speed, blurring the main subject, but keeping the background sharply in focus. Shot with care, it could make a lovely photobook, set of postcards, or framed prints. ...

Funny Guy

Humor will always be central to street photography, and for some photographers it underpins much of their work. However it is difficult to work with because when you go looking for it, it's hard to find-but then it pops up out of nowhere when you're least expecting it. The key is to have a camera with you at all times, switched on and set up for a quick "grab" shot....

Let’s Get Critical

Critique-proper critique-is essential to our growth as photographers, but it can be hard to find. Put an "average" image on social media and the chances are it will be heralded with comments such as "awesome capture;' "outstanding;' or "just wow!!" But why? It's an average image. ...

Like a Tourist

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and their cameras make a great street photography tool-they're discrete, portable, non-threatening, quiet, and we usually have one with us. It also makes us look like "tourists" rather than photographers, and people are so familiar with them that they will behave more naturally if someone around them is photographing with a phone. ...