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Be Spontaneous

Assignment L25

Landscape photographers are encouraged to meticulously plan and prepare. Using a host of apps, they calculate the sun’s precise position, view detailed weather graphs, and access up-to-the minute tide charts. Some apps even predict if there is likely to be a colorful sky or not. There is no doubting the usefulness of these apps and websites; they can help you work efficiently and maximize your chances of success. But unless you are careful, they can also make photographs repetitive and predictable, seducing you to return to the same viewpoints in the same combination of conditions. This assignment is intended to make you rely more on chance … 

Your brief is to visit somewhere you have never previously been. Travel somewhere new and explore. Be inquisitive. Find out exactly where that unknown path goes, what the view from the top of that faraway hill looks like, or what secrets are held in that little woodland you normally pass by. Visit an unfamiliar place at an unfamiliar time in unknown weather, in search of fresh opportunities. The chances of a successful shoot may be reduced, but you will be much more likely to produce original or innovative work. 

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  • No apps or technology are allowed, just good old-fashioned maps and a compass.
  • Trust your instincts: use intuition and experience to gauge the weather‚ and conditions.

Special Kit

  • Maps
  • Compass

Field Notes

  • For this project you will need to rely on your instinct and ability to improvise rather than on your technology.
  • Avoid looking at photographs beforehand that might influence your approach or choice of viewpoint. It is easy to subconsciously replicate images you’ve previously seen and liked. 
  • This assignment is intended to make you think, enhance your ability to adapt, and most importantly help you produce unique work.