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Get Close

Assignment L14

Photographing the “intimate landscape” typically involves isolating just a few, select elements, rather than capturing an extensive view. This gives you the freedom to be less conventional and more creative. For this assignment, swap your wideangle lens for a short telephoto, and look closely for detail, texture, structure, shape, or form. 

Keep your compositions concise and simple. Aim to bring one or two elements together in an interesting way. Consider excluding the sky from the frame in order to make the landscape less familiar and to distort scale-make the viewer’s imagination do some work. Need some inspiration? Look up the work of photographers such as Eliot Porter, Hans Strand, and Guy Tai. 

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  • Woodland is a good place to look for miniature landscapes, as is the coast. 
  • One drawback of using longer focal lengths is the limited depth of field they provide, so opt for a small aperture or consider focus-stacking.

Special Kit

  • Short telephoto lens (60-100mm)

Field Notes

  • Low-contrast light often suits this style of photography. As you don’t need great light or blazing skies this is a good assignment for a gray day. 
  • Compositions are typically less obvious and harder to identify-don’t expect them to jump out at you.