It's Cool To Be Square - tyneholm
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It’s Cool To Be Square

Assignment S17

Square format photography has become popular again and is back with a vengeance, due probably to the phenomenal rise of Instagram. There’s something very cool about the simplicity of a square image, and it is a format that has always had a place in the hearts of street photographers. Have a look at the images by Vivian Maier taken using an old Rolleiflex.

For this assignment try shooting square for a week, either digitally or on film, in colour or in black and white (which is great for this sort of thing) to recreate the look of some of the street photography masters.

View the images


  • If you’re shooting digitally, some cameras will allow you to set your aspect ratio to a square format. If not, you need to visualise where the frame edges are and crop later.

Field Notes

  • Why not buy an old 120 roll film camera such as a Yashica Mat, Mamityaflex, or Rolleicord? Your outlay will be rewarded and your investment should hold its value.
  • Shoot a series of nine images and mount them in a square grid – the effect can be stunning.
  • Look at the work of Vivian Maier and Lee Friedlander for inspiration.